EyeCode4You News: Technical Services Now Available Through Our Site

Published on 20 April 2022 at 19:49

EyeCode4You now has a range of technical services available to the public through our website. Over the past week or so we've been putting together a handful of online and in-person technical services and today we announce a few new additions.


The technical services now available on our site through the 'services' tab include:

EyeCode4You Computer Repair and Upgrade Services - A range of computer hardware and software repair services we offer.

View our Computer Repair and Upgrade Services Here

EyeCode4You Website Development Services - A website design and development service we offer for individuals and SMBs.

View our Website Development Services Here

EyeCode4You Code Review Services - Software code review and troubleshooting.

View our Code Review Services Here

Our next major task for the site is setting up a handful of tech workshops held at our office space in Drumcondra, Dublin 9. These workshops will encompass a variety of introductory material to technological skills such as computer hardware, website development, and computer literacy. We're also looking into ways to create accessible, beginner and university-level technology courses that users can apply for through the site, more info to come soon!

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