Computer Repairs & Upgrades Dublin

EyeCode4You Computer Repair & Upgrade Services:

Is your computer or laptop slow, constantly freezing, or displaying annoying popups?

Your computer may be in need of repairs or an upgrade, EyeCode4You has got you covered.

Whether replacing faulty/broken parts, performing data backups, or removing viruses/malware, we perform a range of computer repair, build, and upgrade services.


The services we offer include:

  • Hardware/Software issue diagnosis and fix
  • Faulty component replacement
  • Data Backups
  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • Computer Optimization
  • Operating System install and repair
  • Custom Computer Design & Build
  • Computer setup with operational & productivity applications

EyeCode4You is a university graduate with a background in computer networking & software development with languages such as C/C++, Java, Python, SQL, and Web Languages (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP).

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Price Guide: Starting from €15, varies depending on the nature of repairs/upgrades, payment accepted in-person or via Stripe/PayPal. In addition to the service fee you will incur the cost of any replacement equipment needed.

Service Price
Diagnosis €15
Component Replacement From €15
Custom Computer Design & Build From €200
Device Cleaning €15
... ...
Data Backups From €20
Virus/Malware Removal €50
OS Install/Repair From €40
Computer Optimization From €30
VPN Setup From €20
Operational & Productivity Application Install From €20

Before availing of our services, consider doing the following:

  • Create a guest account so we don't have to access your personal account. Search "How to create guest account in x", replacing x with the name of your Operating System.
  • Log out of all your online accounts and delete stored passwords.
  • Back up any crucial data so you don’t lose any important files!

Please contact us below with the details of your request:

The form above not displaying? Find it here:


How exactly does the repair/upgrade service work?

Filling out the form above will give us an idea on the nature of your request and allow us to estimate the time and cost needed. After reviewing your submission we will contact you via email with a quote on price and an initial assessment on your repair/upgrade plan.

For software repairs we may be able to fix your problem remotely with the use of a remote desktop application such as TeamViewer or AnyDesk.

For hardware repairs we'll require you to drop your device into our office located at:

Arts and Business Campus

41 Lower Drumcondra Road


Dublin 9

What devices you support?


We support repairing and upgrading most desktop computers and laptops including

  • Diagnosing hardware faults
  • Component replacement/upgrading
  • Computer builds and design for specific workflows
  • Device cleaning



We support devices running Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

  • Data backups - Backup your data securely for restoration in the event of data-loss.
  • OS install and repair - Installation/repair of an existing/new operating system to your computer.
  • Virus and Malware removal - We'll scan your files, browsers, and system for malware and safely remove it.
  • Computer optimization
  • VPN setup - Setting up a secure VPN connection on your device so you can browse the web securely.
  • Setting up operational & productivity applications (media players, browsers, utilities, word processor, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.)

*Note: due to the nature of procuring components, repair and upgrade services for Apple devices may be limited.


We do not perform phone/tablet or screen repairs at this time.

When can I expect results?

This will depend on the nature of the repairs or upgrades needed. We aim to deliver results within a week but may require additional time.

I don't see a 'Buy Now' option on this page, how do I request and pay for this service?

Due to the variable nature of computer repairs/upgrades fixing a single price for all possible projects would be impossible. The above form is for screening purposes so we can get an idea of the nature of the repairs/upgrades and estimate how much time it will take us to complete. The cost is calculated primarily on the amount of time it will take to repair/upgrades. We will respond via the email entered in your form submission with a quote on the cost and an initial assessment of the repairs/upgrades.