EyeCode4You Computer Literacy Workshop

Learn how to use any computer like a pro with our Computer Literacy Workshop based in Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

In this 90-120 minute workshop for all ages you'll learn all you need to know about basic computer operation and using common computer applications.

Computers and computing devices are becoming more and more prevalent in our personal and professional lives and having the know-how on their common usage can mean a world of difference for your workflow and foster a lifelong computer ease-of-use, increase your productivity, and raise your technological awareness. It's never been a better time to invest into learning about technology and we're here to help you go from novice to expert.


From navigating around your computer to working with files and performing basic tasks, this workshop will help you get up to speed in our modern world of computers and technology.

In this 90-120 minute workshop you'll learn about:

  • Finding your way around a computer: How to find Photos, Videos, etc. and browsing through files on a computer system.
  • Working with files: Working with different types of files on a computer, organising them, common types of files for applications.
  • Installing/Uninstalling apps on your computer: Safely installing and uninstalling applications on a computer.
  • Using production applications such as Word and PowerPoint: How to create documents such as Word documents or PowerPoint Presentations and a few tips and tricks on formatting them.
  • Connecting to the internet: How to identify and connect to a broadband network.
  • Web browsing: Using a web browser, creating and organising web bookmarks, staying safe on the web.
  • Email applications: Setting up an email address, sending emails, creating mail lists.


*Please note that this workshop is conducted with computers running on windows but having a solid grasp in one operating system makes learning any others intuitive.

Price & Registration

Price is €30 per person, max of four people per workshop, payment accepted in-person or via Stripe/PayPal.

Please fill out the form below for booking a workshop:

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Location: Arts and Business Campus Drumcondra, Drumcondra Road Lower, Drumcondra, Dublin 9